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Union Plus

With these lean times in our economy, it feels great to save some cash. Because you are a current or retired union member, you and your family are automatically eligible to start using your union’s Union Plus benefits. You may be eligible for other benefits from your union. Check For Union Plus benefits updates, visit Take advantage of these benefits today! Union Plus benefits from Union Privilege are the only consumer benefits endorsed by the AFL-CIO and your union.

Member Benefits

On the job, you get the protection of a contract and more strength in the workplace. Off the job,

the Union Plus programs, using the collective purchasing power of millions of union members,

offer you a wide range of high quality benefits with great value. Union Plus programs deliver

the quality, service and savings that your family deserve.


Member and Consumer Advocacy

The Union Plus Member Advocacy Program will assist you if you have questions or concerns

about any of the Union Plus programs. Full-time union member advocates are devoted solely

to providing you immediate help. Union Plus also provides a wealth of consumer information to

help you improve the quality of your life every day.


Delivering Savings and Unique Benefits

With the Union Plus programs, you and your family will receive union member-only rates,

discounts and special features like skip payments and financial assistance in the event of

disability or layoff. The Union Plus programs are designed specifically for union members and

their families. That is why you won’t find the savings and benefits associated with the Union

Plus programs anywhere else.


Take Advantage of the Savings

Take a look at all of the money-saving benefits available to you as a union member. Then

contact the programs that can help you and your family today!


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