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CSX Intermodal Calling and Overtime Availability

Brothers and Sisters: I wanted to provide each of you with an update due to some confusion that has came up recently in regards to calling/marking off/up and availability for overtime on the CSX Intermodal side.  This email isn’t to serve as instructions to our members, instead it is the Organization’s position which is supported by the Collective Bargaining Agreement and past arbitration awards.  If the Company...

TCU Benefits Flyer

Sisters and Brothers,                 From time to time I am sure you all get questions from members about what do we get from our union dues.  Many people have no problem complaining about the money taken from their check without realizing what return they get on their money.   TCU Benefits Flyer that was distributed at a recent Local Chairman Seminar and I wanted to pass along to you to have and share....

TCU Local 1295 Welcomes New Intermodal Members

On April 22, 2013 TCU Local 1295 became home to nine new Intermodal Service Workers working in Atlanta, Georgia.  On behalf of all of the members and officers of TCU Local 1295 we welcome these new members!

Intermodal being shorted on pay at the end of shifts

If you know that a manager has shorted you pay please inform management of the discrepancy. If this does not correct the situation a claim needs to be filed. You can file the claim yourself or inform a union officer with the dates and times and a claim can be filed on your behalf.

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